Did you know that the Hoover Dam

...contains enough concrete to pave a strip 16 feet wide and 8 inches thick from San Francisco to New York City?. More than 5 million barrels of Portland cement and 4.5 million cubic yards of aggregate went into the dam.

Why is building with Concete a great choice?

Some of theTop reasons:

Thermal capabilities:
Thermal mass, described in Wikipedea is, any material that has the capacity to store heat.. (wikipedea)
Concrete has a high thermal mass allowing it to absorb heat, and hold it longer because it is a massive and dense material. Thus buildings made with concrete offer an energy savings and eco-friendly advantage.

Durability and Stength:

Defined by: Lastingness, permanence by virtue of the power to resist stress or force.
Concrete in all its applications shows remarkable resistance to the effects of  weathering, chemical reaction, abrasion and other degradation processes.

Concrete can be made with recylced materials

Concrete is the most widely used man made material on earth.

Concrete is versatile:
From  great structures such as the Hoover Dam, to the foundations of our houses, Concrete is the world's first choice of building materials.
Concrete can be shaped molded and formed  into functional and beautiful works of art.


        Concrete Spiral Staircase

Leave a lasting impression with
Architectural design blending
strength and beauty.