New pictures using the new greenbuild ICF insulated concrete forms.
This unique and innovative design uses a concrete form system.
The insulation is built right into the walls! It creates high  thermal resistance abilities  with R-values generally above R-17.
ICF systems are being chosen for all over the world. Extreme Makeover has used these in their make-overs!
If you are considering using ICF in your next building project call   OSBORNE CONCRETE.
Here is the blockBock from another viewthe block from the front. Notice the stacks of these in the background.The concrete truck with huge boom is ready to pump the conrete into the pre-assembled forms that link together similar to "legos"One of the peaks of the building waiting to be filled solid with concrete.You can see the boom in the back ground  swinging around in the background to be lowered into the hands of Osborne Concrete Great shot of the whole team Mathew Osbone checking for perfectionunder the peak,  Darryl Osborne levels concrete into the window openings